Most Businesses are looking at options to go online to get maximum exposure. Most often than not, they do not possess the technical knowledge as to how to go about it or whom to approach. There are many potential businesses that can really fetch from online presence, however they are not aware of the advantages.

That is where you step in. You can check your contacts, acquaintances, nearby businesses where you think that their online presence can boost up their sales. Speak to them, convince them to invest in a getting an online portal. You can either choose to do that for a commission from the Web Developers for giving him the lead or to be the intermediary for the Client and the Developer. Over a period of time you will see your bankroll improving with just over 3-4 businesses that you have referred.

There are may Developers out there and not everyone can fulfill what they promise. You need to careful in associating with the developers as your investment is the trust that you have gained over the years. You cannot forsake the same just because someone decided to eat more than he can chew!

Always so your research, check reviews and then take a chance with a developer. Always have a backup planned in case the developer back off. One of the Website Development companies that you can get a head start on is EL Leads

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