Large Companies and Corporations are always on the look for better ERP Solutions. Probably of one your friends or acquaintance is placed in one of those Multi National Corporation and can get you a reference for the ERP Solution. Most popular ERP Solutions like SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, etc have partners all around the World and would be glad to offer a descent compensation for the reference.

There is a lot of unexplored market where the opportunities to make your mark as the referrer and to make extra income are plenty. It is very important to understand the advantages of the ERP’s and the features so that you know your direction when you make the reference. Rest of the pitch and deal making will be done by the ERP Agency itself and you only have to sit back and collect the payments.

If you are a technical person and also have knowledge in these ERP’s, you would automatically have an edge which over the non technical Sales teams. There are many resources out there which offers information on these ERP’s and even blogs where you can contact the administrator and get the details of the agencies which can take your leads and pay you commission on the same.

To mention, you can check information and details on SAP SuccessFactors on their blog and for Workday.

You can reach on for information on your closest ERP Partner who would be interested in your lead.

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